Transformational Coaching

My work focuses on helping you to develop a deeper understanding of your soul life. Moving you toward an actual transformational experience of your authentic Self.

I generally engage in a ten week relationship building, transformational process series. Through counsel, teachings and mentorship this initial series educates on the cultivation of mindfulness, body/mind awareness and contemplative living insights. Through the use of a broad variety of transformational technologies we will focus on helping you to developing deeper in-sights, emotional intelligence, and a growing understanding of the body/mind connection.  Self love is our container for growth and empowerment. Balance, harmony, and expansion into the realm of the Heart is the ground for each series. By the completion of this work together you will have established consciousness tools for authentic living.

For the past 20 years, I have integrated the soulful, emotional, psychological and mystical experience of life to bring more peace, aliveness and magic to the lives of my clients and students. I welcome you to contact me directly to learn more and consider how my transformational practice might apply to your specific concerns.