Personal Development Training

Self Love Immersion Training coming in March 2015

This is a co-ed, closed cohort(once we commence, people will not be added to the group), experientially based weekly evening program over 12 weeks or a full season. This training requires a willingness and committment to dedicate time, learning and practice towards harnessing deeper and more expansive energies of Self Love and Authenticity. Based upon Gay Hendricks book and workbook Learning to Love Yourself.

We will address the past personal story from the perspective of a call for love or a response of love (ACIM) as each participant unearths emotional attachment patterns, thinking and feeling intelligence, gifts and talents, relationship patterns, transitional difficulties, trauma's and successes throughout the lifespan. Through group processes and sharing, Reiki healing, movement/yoga, meditation, breath work and dream work we will re-shape the personal story from the core connection of SELF LOVE. Thus allowing the authentic, confident and compassionate SOUL to establish it's connection and begin to move into fuller vision and expression in the world. 

The change process will be grounded in loving kindness, compassion, power, wisdom and vision. These energy medicines reduce stress, offer relaxation, release, and a deep peace of mind. We will consciously activate and unearth mistaken, twisted and fear-based instincts so space can open for the healing of the splintered self.  We are in desperate need in our new global consciousness to nurture, bond and activate our loving kindness and compassion so we may heal, see, speak and stand for our deepest and dearest soul truths. The evolutionary and prophetic energies of love and light are tremendous at this time in our evolutionary path and allow the student to shift swiftly, deeply and profoundly toward the light of love, wisdom, awareness, insight and action.

This initiation and purification process is one of trust, faith, practice, discipline, ego confrontation and allowing that comes about from the collective love/power of the group container.  We will work through the Hendricks books integrating the practices of mind/body health, healthy feminine and masculine integration and intimacy as an art form of human high intelligence. The student will be taught Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices, chakra opening, empowering and balancing protocols, mind training protocols for relaxation, journeying and transcendance, ritual protocols, breathwork & re-birthing protocols, grounding and embodiment exercises, intimacy practices, self-esteem building protocols, love and forgiveness transmissions and meditations, along with intuitive trusting protocols.  Books, personal and group assignments, personal individual healing sessions, a personal-silent retreat and body work will be included in the curriculm.