Practice Philosophy

My work is an integration of many years of study. self examination and social experiments in human development, psychology, social/collective re-conditioning, evolutionary sociology and spiritual practice. I view humanity as an ever-evolving organism with an inherent consciousness of unlimited potential of creativity and expansion. By applying many different models of transformation, I have developed a three pronged approach to healing and soul health- to provide information and experiences for self-knowledge, knowledge about reality and mystical knowledge.

Through a myriad of practices:

  • Cognitive-behavioral awareness practice for personal core beliefs and patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving
  • Journaling, dream images and outer world dramas to support deeper understanding of subconscious and unconscious patterns and instincts
  • personal shadow and projection
  • Intimacy, relationship and authentic communication practices
  • Heart-opening, compassion, empathy and gratitude practices
  • Chakra and subtle body energy work including Reiki Master and Trainer
  • Trauma healing and embodiment practice
  • Breath-work and Re-birthing 
  • Shamanic healing practices including chanting, rattling, drumming, ecstatic posture and song
  • Ritual making 
  • Visualization/Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We work together to expand identity away from egoic drives and desires and toward an expanded experience of inner harmony, balance and soulful love of self and creation.

I view the ego as having a limited state experience that is forged through the cultural conditioning process and holds a power and control that is based in fear, comparison, lack and low risk living.

I work through the lens which views separation from the Creator, Source, Oneness and the resulting fear state, as the ultimate state in which we need to heal from. In this on-going process of healing lies a remembrance of wholeness that can be experienced and used to re-establish health and resiliency of the individual psyche.

This wholeness is then embraced, expressed and made a reality in the world through a renewed awareness of what is real, eternal and everlasting…the true being of a healed soul.