Credentials & Certification

Pauline Kaplan M.S., L.P.

Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Minnesota State Licensed Psychologist
Ordained Minister
Master Reiki Practitioner and Trainer
Certified Breath Integration/Re-Birther
Classical Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

I began my counseling and healing role as an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota in the Family Social Science Dept in 1984. I worked for renowned family researcher Dr. David Olson as a research assistant on a multitude of family research projects and at the same time volunteered for a family research project at Wilder Child Guidance Clinic in St.Paul, MN.

After earning my graduate degree in Counseling Psychology at St. Cloud State University, I went to work for Wilder Child Guidance through 1994 as a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, marriage, family and group psychotherapist, and children’s play therapist.

During my 2-year post graduate training, I became certified in brief therapy models, group therapy, play therapy, family therapy with specialties in cognitive-behavioral disorders including, ADHD assessment and treatment, peer socialization groups and eating disorders. Family of orgin work, family constellation work and NeuroLinguistic Programming and Hypnosis rounded out my overall interests and talents towards perception and mythology based change work.

It was through my own desire to balance a heavy work schedule with appropriate self care that I found myself drawn to yoga, meditation, and metaphysical writings. By 1995, after observing how difficult it was for people to change and to maintain their changes through the traditional psychotherapy models,along with the explosion of managed care and psychotropic administration - I began incorporating metaphysical practices into my psychotherapy sessions. The more I witnessed true transformation, the deeper I dove in as a student of consciousness, as well as intuitive and spiritual healing. By observing expanded capacity for deeper emotional connection and release of tensions, I changed my entire focus with clients from mental health interventions to personal and group transformation, transpersonal, mythological, spiritual and alchemical knowledge along with mystical journeying.

In 1998, I completed a 3-year personal ministry program as an Ordained Minister, transformational teacher, workshop leader, intuitive healer and seer, certified Breath Integration practitioner from Theophilus Divinity School in Minneapolis, MN.

My ongoing commitment to clients and students is to hold a healing, loving and mystical container for deep personal growth and wholeness through integrated mind/body practices. I continue to study the evolution of consciousness and deep healing practices through Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Shamanism, depth psychology, trans-personal psychology, sustainable community consciousness and Master plant consciousciousness. Currently, I am deepening my shamanic healing practices through the South American/Mayan prophecy plant medicine teachings, Buddhist meditation practices of Tibet, Yoga studies of India and music studies of Jazz and Brazilian folk and pop songs for ceremonial healing.