Workshops & Retreats

I offer a variety of full-day workshops and week-end retreats focusing on awakening consciousness and experiencing an opening and healing of the heart/mind. These opportunities are tailored to transformational seekers that want to expand their mind and consciousness capacity. These workshops and retreats offer a fuller experience of tools and skills taught in the individual and group experience. These workshops are offered 2-4 times a year with an annual Personal Vision Workshop in January.

Here are examples of past workshops:

The Personal Visioning workshop: 
Intentional living and ‘Happy Dream” manifestation. The workshop is for those souls wanting to work in a sacred container with their imagination, intuition, heart resonance and creative capacities to manifest their personal vision.  We will focus on 6 categories of life experience: Career/Work, Community /Intimate Relationship, Health/Body, Home/Physical Environment, Passions/Play, Sacred/Spiritual.

Awakening the Goddess workshop:
Ignite your inner wisdom and knowledge of Feminine Consciousness. Through this wisdom and knowing you will transform your perception and belief of success. Opening the way for true happiness and heart to have a place in your daily life. You will learn new ideas and tools to call forth your voice and image of your feminine soul. Through lecture, breath work, meditation and guided imagery, personal and partnering experiential exercises, you will embody more heart, feel more comfort being in your body and practice more connection to the Awakened Goddess!

Women’s Spiritual Leadership Workshop
3 Days in Beaver Creek, Colorado
This week-end retreat will hold a sacred space to remember, renew and deepen your connection to the sacred within and around. Through a series of meditations, group experiences, chanting, meditation, creative and imaginative expression along with using the outdoors for support, the participant will soften, open and feeler safer to express this most vulnerable and threatened resource. Allow the mountains to inspire, the air to refresh and the group consciousness to renew your trust in the sacredness within and around.

Ignite the Ancient Knowledge of Feminine Consciousness
Through this workshop, you will tap into your innate wisdom will transforming your perception of success, presence and the Divine.  You will be introduced to the Lunar Myth of the Goddess as a vehicle to remember your innate wholeness. You will learn tools to call forth your voice and image of the soul and to practice sharing this wisdom in your daily life. Through lecture, dance, breath work, private and partnering experiential exercises, you will embody more heart, feel more comfort being in your body and practice more faith in your connection to the eternal cycle of life.

The Dance of the Authentic Feminine and Expressive Masculine
The purpose of this mixed gender, week-end urban retreat is to expand your experience of relatedness to the authentic feminine and expressive masculine energies that live within all of us. You will experiment with shifting roles, leaping out of old habits and busting through the limiting boxes and stuckness of unconscious attachment to unhealthy masculine and feminine energies. You will practice holding these tensions of seemingly opposites in a warm, loving, compassionate heart, in order for a spiritual awakening of our Whole Self to be actualized.

The Re-Birth of the Creative, Sexual Body
The purpose of this workshop is to support women to embody a heart-centered, passionate, sensual experience of their inherent feminine sexual and creative energies. To identify and shed the collective misperceptions that keep permission, safety and clarity unexpressed.

Workshop for Men
Through this day long experience, you will be remembering, reclaiming, releasing and rejoicing in the masculine journey.  You will learn about expressing the individual self and release the wounds from the past that sit in the unconscious and hold us in fear of expansion, or fear of loss as we expand.  You will be transforming your heart, mind, body and daily life through the cycles of birth and death today.  That is the way in Sacred Psychology.  We will liberate ourselves from the Manias that we may have misinterpreted as drive or power.  We will claim that power which was once attributed to the Gods as that which is available to all of us on a daily basis.

Emerging Feminine and Masculine Self
These workshops are designed for seekers who want to know and express more deeply the authentic feminine and masculine in their daily life. Each workshop will provide a lecture, self-discovery exercises and tools for increased confidence in living from the “authentic Self.” You will identify the authentic voice of the inner feminine and masculine, re-discover the body’s wisdom of knowing and expressing this authenticity, along with practicing self knowledge, self-care and self-expression with others.