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Transformational Psychologist Pauline Kaplan, MS, LP, Ordained Minister
 Integrative Medicine Chiropractor Michael Kaplan, DC

Longfellow neighborhood- Minneapolis

3042 40th Ave. South Mpls, MN 55406 

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 Include a flower remedy with your session! FlorAlive


If you are interested in including a flower remedy to your balancing protocol, come on in for a FlorAlive option.

I am now including lovely flower remedies through a simple applied kinesiology test with a tincture to include in your daily drinking water. These remedies address the nervous system directly and include thematic affirmations to recite while sipping. Excellent results and more ease in addressing the subconscious beliefs, anxiety and depression

Contact me if you are interested in a session! 612-315-4246 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Women's NRG practice and Empowerment Group

Summer Series, 2016

Wednesday June 22nd 12noon-2pm @ Kaplan Health and Wellness- 1st day of Summer- 

5 sessions, every other week, 6/22-8/17— 3 Session commitment minimum. 

Dates are 6/22, 7/6, 7/20, 8/3, 8/17.

Tuition: 5 session package=$300, $65 per group paid for 3=$195 at first meeting or $75 each session. Cash, check CC and HSA all received. $5.00 CC processing fee added to fee.


These groups are also insurance reimbursable with receipt



Summer Solstice Psychonaut Retreat Friday June 17-Sun June19, 2016

Friday night Ho'oponopono Ritual 7:30-10pm Enhanced

Friday night school song circle 11:00pm-2:30am Enhanced

Saturday morning Yoga/Meditation

Saturday night school Singing Meditation 7pm-Sunday am

This is invite only. Email me if you would like to receive an invitation. Full Weekend or individual events open.





My work focuses on helping you to develop a deeper understanding of your soul life. Moving you toward an actual transformational experience of your authentic Self.

I generally engage in a ten week relationship building, transformational process series. Through counsel, teachings and mentorship this initial series educates on the cultivation of mindfulness, body/mind awareness and contemplative living insights. Through the use of a broad variety of transformational technologies we will focus on helping you to developing deeper in-sights, emotional intelligence, and a growing understanding of the body/mind connection.  Self love is our container for growth and empowerment. Balance, harmony, and expansion into the realm of the Heart is the ground for each series. By the completion of this work together you will have established consciousness tools for authentic living.

For the past 20 years, I have integrated the soulful, emotional, psychological and mystical experience of life to bring more peace, aliveness and magic to the lives of my clients and students. I welcome you to contact me directly to learn more and consider how my transformational practice might apply to your specific concerns.

Self Love Immersion Training coming in March 2015

This is a co-ed, closed cohort(once we commence, people will not be added to the group), experientially based weekly evening program over 12 weeks or a full season. This training requires a willingness and committment to dedicate time, learning and practice towards harnessing deeper and more expansive energies of Self Love and Authenticity. Based upon Gay Hendricks book and workbook Learning to Love Yourself.

We will address the past personal story from the perspective of a call for love or a response of love (ACIM) as each participant unearths emotional attachment patterns, thinking and feeling intelligence, gifts and talents, relationship patterns, transitional difficulties, trauma's and successes throughout the lifespan. Through group processes and sharing, Reiki healing, movement/yoga, meditation, breath work and dream work we will re-shape the personal story from the core connection of SELF LOVE. Thus allowing the authentic, confident and compassionate SOUL to establish it's connection and begin to move into fuller vision and expression in the world. 

The change process will be grounded in loving kindness, compassion, power, wisdom and vision. These energy medicines reduce stress, offer relaxation, release, and a deep peace of mind. We will consciously activate and unearth mistaken, twisted and fear-based instincts so space can open for the healing of the splintered self.  We are in desperate need in our new global consciousness to nurture, bond and activate our loving kindness and compassion so we may heal, see, speak and stand for our deepest and dearest soul truths. The evolutionary and prophetic energies of love and light are tremendous at this time in our evolutionary path and allow the student to shift swiftly, deeply and profoundly toward the light of love, wisdom, awareness, insight and action.

This initiation and purification process is one of trust, faith, practice, discipline, ego confrontation and allowing that comes about from the collective love/power of the group container.  We will work through the Hendricks books integrating the practices of mind/body health, healthy feminine and masculine integration and intimacy as an art form of human high intelligence. The student will be taught Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices, chakra opening, empowering and balancing protocols, mind training protocols for relaxation, journeying and transcendance, ritual protocols, breathwork & re-birthing protocols, grounding and embodiment exercises, intimacy practices, self-esteem building protocols, love and forgiveness transmissions and meditations, along with intuitive trusting protocols.  Books, personal and group assignments, personal individual healing sessions, a personal-silent retreat and body work will be included in the curriculm.


My work is an integration of many years of study. self examination and social experiments in human development, psychology, social/collective re-conditioning, evolutionary sociology and spiritual practice. I view humanity as an ever-evolving organism with an inherent consciousness of unlimited potential of creativity and expansion. By applying many different models of transformation, I have developed a three pronged approach to healing and soul health- to provide information and experiences for self-knowledge, knowledge about reality and mystical knowledge.

Through a myriad of practices:

  • Cognitive-behavioral awareness practice for personal core beliefs and patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving
  • Journaling, dream images and outer world dramas to support deeper understanding of subconscious and unconscious patterns and instincts
  • personal shadow and projection
  • Intimacy, relationship and authentic communication practices
  • Heart-opening, compassion, empathy and gratitude practices
  • Chakra and subtle body energy work including Reiki Master and Trainer
  • Trauma healing and embodiment practice
  • Breath-work and Re-birthing 
  • Shamanic healing practices including chanting, rattling, drumming, ecstatic posture and song
  • Ritual making 
  • Visualization/Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We work together to expand identity away from egoic drives and desires and toward an expanded experience of inner harmony, balance and soulful love of self and creation.

I view the ego as having a limited state experience that is forged through the cultural conditioning process and holds a power and control that is based in fear, comparison, lack and low risk living.

I work through the lens which views separation from the Creator, Source, Oneness and the resulting fear state, as the ultimate state in which we need to heal from. In this on-going process of healing lies a remembrance of wholeness that can be experienced and used to re-establish health and resiliency of the individual psyche.

This wholeness is then embraced, expressed and made a reality in the world through a renewed awareness of what is real, eternal and everlasting…the true being of a healed soul.